Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.
Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.

The Most Trusted in Millimeter Wave silicon designs

Millimeter WAVE Expertise


Milliwave’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of mm-wave products  across a wide range of markets by improving time-to-market and product  quality for our partners in the semiconductor and technology industries. 

We provide innovative solutions from product definition through volume  production ramp, including design infrastructure, full IC designs,  characterization and more.  Our team of experts has a proven track  record delivering multiple generations of mm-wave CMOS solutions to the  consumer market. 


  • Provide hands-on expertise and years of experience
  • Accelerate development cycle time
  • Process node evaluation

Design services


  • Design infrastructure
  • Process design kit (PDK) development


  • Product specification
  • Circuit block and IP design
  • Circuit subsystem
  • Full chip design


  • Test measurement characterization
  • Volume production ramp
  • System integration
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Factory test 

Test Fixtures

MilliBox is an innovative mmWave radiation pattern and beam-forming OTA test product line:

  • Cost effective: a fraction of what any other solution cost
  • Modular design: all parts are serviceable and modifiable.
  • Automated 360deg x 360deg DUT rotation at sub 1deg precision.
  • Convenient lab bench form factor: 4' x 3' x 2'.
  • Integrates natively with Matlab, Labview, Python to plot high resolution heat-map and 3D radiation patterns
  • Interface with any measurement tools
  • controller source code provided
  • Specifically designed for 5G (NR), 60GHz and ADAS Radar (77GHz)
  • Features a -50dB (@60GHz) anechoic mini-chamber


MilliBox Product Brief

mbx02_prod_brief_2_Lres (pdf)


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